Programs for all stages of the cancer experience

From the comfort of your chair to the top of Mount Evans, we have a program for every survivor and caregiver. Whether you have recently been diagnosed, are mid-treatment, or finished with treatment, you’ll find a program that suits your needs. And, all of our programs are offered at no cost to you!

Cancer survivor walk into wellness

Walk Into Wellness

A walking-based fitness and social program, Walk into Wellness is a gentle reintroduction for those just finishing treatment or who haven’t exercised in a while.

Cancer survivor support hikes and walks

Hike Into Health

A hiking-based fitness and social program, Hike into Health takes you on trails of varying difficulty and will put you into the aerobic zone!

Cancer to 14k cancer survivor hiking program

Cancer to 14k

A 10-week hiking-based conditioning program. You’ll train to climb a 14,000′ peak or complete a 14,000-step hike to an alpine lake.

Cancer survivor caregiver retreats

Survivor-Caregiver Retreats

Three days that will change your life for the better. Get immersed in nature, make new friends, challenge yourself physically, and find new strength.

Online cancer survivor programs

Online Programs

Find a real on-line community of people who understand cancer’s challenges. We offer mindfulness, Pilates, strength training and more.


“It’s being able to put things into perspective — when I thought things were so dire two years ago, to think that I’m standing on a mountain top at 12,000 feet, it’s — really, anything’s possible.”