Live By Living depends on volunteers to carry out its mission. From search engine optimization to leading day hikes to helping us spread the word about the benefits of exercising in the outdoors for cancer survivors, we can use your help! Below are descriptions of the areas where we really need your assistance to make Live By Living an even bigger success!


OUTREACH — Live By Living pursues a variety of approaches to spreading the word about its offerings. We have a website, a Facebook page, brochures and posters. We host booths at cancer-related fundraisers and events (such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s annual Blood Cancer Conference). LBL needs help expanding its outreach program.


Outreach program volunteers do a variety of tasks: Post flyers/posters in coffee shops, restaurants, churches, and other community bulletin boards; identify possible cancer-related events where LBL might want to have a booth; staff LBL booths at events; post-cancer-related “news you can use” on the Facebook page or website; moderate an LBL Facebook “group”; send out LBL blurbs to mailing lists, etc.


Qualifications: willingness to work and keep track of activities; expertise in Facebook or WordPress for FB and website activities.


DAY TRIP AND RETREAT SUPPORT — Perhaps above all else, Live By Living needs volunteers on its day trips and retreats. Volunteering on a day trip or a retreat can either be in a support role, or in a leadership role. This section describes the role support volunteers play, and the next one describes leadership roles.


Day trips — Volunteering in a support role doesn’t require any special training other than the ability to follow a trail (and possibly remember where to turn at a fork in the trail!). On the day hikes, support volunteers are there to provide support and encouragement as needed, to help carry a pack if necessary, and to accompany a participant back to the trailhead if they are unable to complete the hike. We make sure they eat and drink fluids. We monitor them for signs of heat stroke, altitude sickness, etc. Volunteers are also requested to help in the event of a medical problem, performing such tasks as the trip leader may assign. To volunteer for a particular day trip, please register for that trip, and indicate you are signing up as a volunteer.


Retreats — From our very first outing in 2009, volunteers have been the heart of our survivors’ and caregivers’ retreats. While on the trail on a retreat, volunteers perform similar duties as on the day trips. At the huts, support volunteers cook and clean up, and in general pamper the participants. We also rely on volunteers to provide training in various supportive techniques such as yoga, Qi Gong, and mindfulness practice (meditation). To volunteer for a particular retreat, please register for that trip, and indicate you are signing up as a volunteer.


If you can’t go on a retreat, but want to help, it’s also possible to volunteer to help with pre-retreat planning activities, like buying groceries and preparing meals. There is quite a bit of work that goes on here, so volunteers are always welcome! LBL reimburses you for the cost of any groceries we ask you to buy (be sure to keep your receipts).


Qualifications: Willingness to cook and clean up, physical ability to hike or snowshoe to the hut and take an extra pack if needed. We also need volunteers with appropriate training in fields such as yoga, meditation, massage, Qigong, Reiki, etc., who are willing to volunteer their services.


DAY TRIP LEADER– LBL is working to further “institutionalize” its day trip program by offering 30-40 day trips per year — basically, every week except for holidays. We want to publish at least one calendar quarter’s worth of upcoming day trips in advance. To do this, we need to increase the number of trip leader volunteers we have. We are looking for people who are willing to commit to lead at least 4 day trips per year.


Qualifications: To maintain the safety of our participants, day trip leaders must have a current Wilderness First Aid course certification or equivalent. Trip leaders must also demonstrate experience, skill and sound judgment in outdoor travel, and must possess adequate routefinding skills for the trips they will be leading. LBL will provide first-aid gear for use on the trips. We will also offer LBL-specific training to help maintain the “feel” of the trips. If you have not had WFA training, but are interested in becoming a tirp leader, please note that when completing the volunteer form. LBL can reimburse prospective trip leaders for the cost of a Wilderness First Aid course, so don’t let lack of training be a roadblock.


RETREAT LEADER — This is the highest level of commitment we have. In addition to solid backcountry skills and judgment as described above, retreat leaders must have Wilderness First Responder training (80 hour course) or equivalent. Retreat leaders are responsible for running the whole retreat, from meeting at the parking lot to making sure everyone’s car starts at the end. Retreat leaders also need to assist with logistics and planning — menus, food prep & storage, organizing and transporting group equipment (which LBL provides), etc. Live By Living will provide prospective retreat leaders with appropriate training in these matters, and will provide leaders with a manual. Retreat leaders will have come on at least one LBL retreat prior to leading their own retreat.


If you’d like to volunteer for a particular walk, hike or retreat, don’t use this page. Instead, please register for the event for which you want to volunteer, using the links on the left-hand side of each page. If you want to be kept informed of upcoming events, and let us know ways you can help out as a volunteer, and especially if you want to volunteer to do outreach, retreat preparation, or administrative work, please fill out the following form:


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