Live By Living Day Hike: Betasso Preserve. Saturday, February 24

Join us on Saturday, February 24, as Tara leads a MODERATE hike at Betasso Preserve, along the Canyon Loop trail.  This trail starts in the high grasslands of the foothills before dropping down into the scrubland and forrest beyond, and finally looping back up to an open view of the valley beyond. Trail is narrow at times and can range from icy to muddy, and dry to rocky. Don’t forget to bring good footwear, layers and water!  This will be a great hike that you’ll be sure to enjoy!   


As always, Live By Living day hikes are open to all cancer survivors and their caregivers, men and women.  Regardless of whether you are currently in or out of treatment, we’d love to have you join us.  If you’re uncertain whether you are physically up for a hike, please call us at 303-808-2339, and we can help you decide.


DAY/DATE OF HIKE: Saturday, February 24

MEETING PLACE: Betasso Rd. Trailhead Parking

DIRECTIONS TO MEETING PLACE: Take highway 119 NW out of Boulder. Turn right onto Sugarloaf Rd. Turn right onto Betasso Rd. Trailhead Parking will be on your left.


DISTANCE: 3.3 miles



HIKE LEADER: Tara McGovern-Ortiz

ARE DOGS ALLOWED? Yes. Dogs must remain leashed and picked up after. Bring doggy bags, as none are provided at the trailhead.



Be sure to bring:


  1. Rain jacket (and pants)


  1. Clothing appropriate for the weather


  1. Water


  1. Trail snacks


  1. Sunscreen/sunwear/lip balm/sunglasses


CANCELLATIONS: I will send out an email no later than 9:00 am the day of the hike if I decide to cancel the hike due to inclement weather.  If you need to cancel, or would like to sign up at the last minute, please call (605) 728-2006 or email


To sign up for this hike, please complete the form below, using the tab key to move between entries.  You’ll need to scroll down a bit to reach the “submit form” button at the bottom.  Click on this button. The form will go blank, and you should see a message that your message was sent successfully.