Cancer to 14K is a 12-week training course that helps cancer survivors and their caregivers get fit, make friends, and have fun! It involves a series of weekly group walks and hikes, as well as recommendations and encouragement for exercising on your own during the week. The walks and hikes get progressively more challenging each week.








The course is broken down into two groups: beginner and experienced. The experienced group is geared towards people who are reasonably fit already who want to climb one of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks. The 12th week of this course will be an ascent of Grays Peak. 









The beginner course is geared towards individuals who may not exercise regularly, or perhaps are recently out of treatment. People in the beginner group won’t be climbing 14’ers in 12 weeks, but other “14K” goals are certainly in reach: completing a 14,000-foot long walk (about 2.6 miles),  a 14,000-step hike (about 5.3 miles), or even a 14 kilometer (8.7 mile) hike are reasonable goals.





A signed medical clearance form from your physician is required to participate in either of these groups.  If you have a form on file from attending a retreat last year or this year, that will suffice.


Ideally, anyone registering for either course will be able to attend at least 9 of the events.  To register for either the beginner or experienced course, please complete the form below. 

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