Day Trips

Recovering from cancer is no walk in the park, but walking in the park is recovering from cancer.


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It used to be that oncologists advised their patients to rest and take it easy during treatment. Now, things are changing, and it’s about time! The studies just keep coming in to show that exercising during and after treatment benefits cancer survivors in a myriad of ways, including (for breast and colorectal cancers, at least) reducing the chances of a recurrence. In fact, for colorectal cancer, there’s evidence to support the conclusion that exercise is more effective than chemotherapy. And, unlike chemotherapy, exercise improves your quality of life.



Walks in the Park

DSC_0030Live By Living’s Walk in the Park series is just what the oncologists are now beginning to order. It can be challenging to start a fitness program, especially if you’re in cancer treatment. We make it easier by taking it outside to a beautiful park or riparian trail, instead of in a crowded, stuffy gym. We make it fun by adding some camaraderie. You’ll be walking with other cancer survivors and caregivers. People who have been there (or are there!), and understand what you’re going through.




Finally, Mother Nature makes it uplifting!


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Day Hikes

Live By Living also offers free one-day hikes, snowshoe outings, and ski tours for cancer survivors and caregivers.  Most of our day trips are along the Denver metro Front Range, but we sometimes go deeper into the mountains.  Upcoming trips are posted on the left side of each page on our site.







A number of studies have shown that exercise can benefit cancer survivors in many ways — improved self-esteem, greater strength, less fatigue, reduced risk of anxiety and depression, and improved quality of life.  There is also emerging evidence that exercise may extend survival rates for breast and colon cancer survivors.









Our day trips offer a fun, supportive environment for cancer survivors to get exercise. But our hikes, snowshoe outings and ski tours do more than just get your blood flowing — they will help your spirit soar as you are surrounded by the beauty of Colorado’s plains and mountains.